Mechanical Technics That True When Installing Ceramics

Installing ceramic seems easy, but the process is not as easy as it seems, to get a good result and we have to know how neat-engineering ceramic plug right, here we share tips on how to attach ceramic techniques:

Ceramic soak in the water. This will make the ceramic becomes more elastic and easier to stick to the time-pemasangan.cara-tide-ceramic technique

Note the quality of the ceramics. Low quality ceramics will be hard to put precise. To that end, tile grout should be installed loosely because each tile has a difference of 0.2-0.5 mm so as not to collide with each other.
Apply a water-cement. Bilaskan cement is mixed with a little water to the bottom of the ceramic. This will make the ceramic adhesive power to stir really sticky.Clean up of gravel. Mortar and basic floor will be installed must be clean of gravel, rocks, or other obstacles that would make a cavity below the tile.

Compress evenly. Tap the newly installed tile and make sure nothing is hollow or bottom of the hollow because it would make loose tile at a later date. Check whether the same average height with threads drawn to determine the height of the floor. way plug ceramic techniques.Tile grout is installed later. Do not install cement or grout ocher on the side of the ceramic that time. Let stand for two or three days. This will make the rest of the air that will settle out through the grout that has not closed. After that just by cement grout and do not forget to clean the grout is still empty of debris buildup.

Do not trampled. Secure areas newly installed ceramics from people passing by for 2-3 days. Ceramics will ambles because the mortar underneath is still not strong enough to be burdened.Check again. In an area of ​​3 × 3 m mounting there are usually 3-5 ceramic hollow. For the immediate loading and repeat the installation.How-engineering ceramic post above you can greatly praktikan to own homes.